Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

20/09/2013 Improve Teamwork in the Workplace


Top Tips to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

Time and effort spent boosting the morale of employees can prove to be a sound investment. Staff are likely to be more productive if they are happy and motivated by pride in their work and sense of self-worth. They are also more likely to remain loyal to your company, saving you time and money on recruiting and training replacements. So how can you make sure your staff are happy?


Grievances and Feedback

One of the key factors that can affect morale in the workplace is if staff feel their grievances are ignored. Giving people a platform to air concerns or voice opinions will prevent issues from festering and becoming more problematic. If you have a very large company it may not be possible to communicate directly with all your employees, so make sure you have dedicated personnel available to liaise between floor staff and management and pass on any feedback.

Good Working Conditions

The environment your staff work in can have a profound effect on their morale. Cluttered, cramped or unpleasant working conditions can bring the mood right down, so look at ways these can be improved. Plenty of fresh air and natural light will make for a better workplace. Make sure that staff have a space somewhere away from their desks to prepare and eat their meals. They will be more productive if they feel they have had a proper break. If they wear a uniform, make sure that this is comfortable as well as appropriate for the job they do. Company workwear can be a great way to make employees really feel part of a team – this could be ties and jackets for office jobs or even hats and fleeces for outdoor workers.

Entertaining Events

A good programme of social events can improve team spirit, making staff feel valued over and above their actual productivity within the workplace. These functions could be as simple as regular drinks after work or as involved as an inter-department sporting event such as a football tournament. Even if you are a small company, organising a regular summer or Christmas party is a nice way to thank staff for their efforts. Developing friendships at work is important, especially if your employees work to an unusual shift pattern and have few other opportunities for socialising.

From providing a decent staff room to investing in branded company workwear, there are a number of steps you can take to make your staff feel valued, increasing their productivity and improving company relations.


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