Simple Marketing Strategies

20/09/2013 Simple Marketing Strategies

Simple Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Whatever line of business you're in, an effective marketing strategy is crucial. It's one of the key ways to reach new customers and build a bigger client base, leading to improved business opportunities. You have hopefully established a strong brand identity, so customers know what to expect from your company. The next challenge is to get that information out to the public, so they can choose to use your service over that of your competitors.

Identify Your Market

In an ideal world all consumers of the goods or services you supply would choose to get them from you, but the truth is that unless you are the only supplier in an untapped market, you will need to fight for your share of the market. The first step is to identify who your target customers are. Are you a supplier of a luxury high-end item that appeals to a very small select group? Or do you offer a product that is always in demand? Think about whom you are hoping to sell to and how you can reach them. Creating a database of potential clients can be useful, especially if you are planning to send out marketing emails or mail shots. Conduct thorough market research so you can be confident you have a targeted strategy.

Plan Your Campaign

Once you have identified your potential market, think about the type of marketing that they are likely to respond to. Young people are familiar with advertising via social media whereas older people may react better to a leaflet or brochure. Rather than a costly and potentially unproductive blanket promotional campaign, market your company through relevant channels such as specialist directories or publications. This type of focused approach is vital to avoid wasting money on ineffectual marketing campaigns. You want to ensure that your promotional products reach those people who will actually be interested in them.

Regularly Review

Make sure you take time to assess the efficacy of your marketing plan. If you allocated funds to advertising, was it worthwhile? Could that money have been budgeted elsewhere to greater effect? If you didn't reach the customers you were hoping to, how can you improve on this? Monitor your marketing to ensure that money spent on promoting your business is money well spent.

A focused marketing campaign is an effective way of getting your company message out there, ensuring your promotional products go to the right people and improving your business prospects.



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