Boost Your Business With A Corporate Gift?

12/09/2013 Boost Your Business With A Corporate Gift?

Boost Your Business with Great Corporate Gifts

Giving the perfect corporate gift can be a fantastic way to boost your company's profile with prospective clients, leading to better business opportunities for your firm. Consider these key issues and you will end up with the perfect gift that that will convey the right message to your recipient.

Why Send Them?

Unlike incentive or reward schemes, where recipients must reach a certain level of attainment in order to qualify, corporate gifts are given freely regardless of success. They can be used to say thank you, to promote a new venture or to raise your company's profile.

What Does Your Gift Say?

The type of gift you send speaks volumes about your company. Wine or chocolates don't demonstrate much in the way of imagination, however nice they may be. The perfect gift should be something that will be used and appreciated and ideally also say something about your firm's business values and character. Quirky novelty items can work well if your company is in a particularly creative or unusual field but may not be so effective if you want to portray a very professional image. It is far better to send a few good-quality gifts than hundreds of cheaper ones that make your company look shoddy. Try to tailor them to the specific interests and tastes of the intended recipient.

Make It Personal

This can be tricky if you are sending hundreds of corporate gifts but if budget and time allows, a personalised letter or card included along with the gift can make a lasting impression. A simple handwritten note shows you have taken extra time and trouble over the gift.

Check Any Guidelines

Some offices, particularly those involved with public services, have strict policies regarding the acceptance of gifts. Check if there is an upper limit in value, as anything above this may need to be declared to the tax authorities or returned. Make sure too that you don't send anything that could cause embarrassment or be misconstrued as a possible bribe. Think about any potential implications with regard to differences in culture or beliefs. For example, a bottle of brandy would not be an especially thoughtful gift for somebody who does not drink alcohol for religious reasons.

Sending a corporate gift to a client shows you appreciate their contribution, either for work done in the past or for projects you hope to collaborate on in the future. It can be a lovely way to build a relationship with a new or existing business as well as providing an opportunity to improve your company's profile.

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