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09/12/2013 Marketing Mailshots

Small Ideas to Give Your Marketing Mailshots a Big Impact

Building up a mailing list is a key part of any company's marketing strategy. Keeping accurate contact details of existing and potential clients makes it easier to spread the word about a new product or exciting development you may be planning. Including promotional items within your mailing can reinforce your message and raise awareness of your brand. However, budgetary and logistical constraints mean that any branded products you give away will need to be both small and light. So what should you choose?

Small but Perfectly Formed

One of the most popular items to include in a marketing mailshot is a pen. Light, practical, brandable and always useful, they are an effective way to get your message across and represent excellent value for money. Other small but appealing items are key rings, fridge magnets or badges. These are easy to add to a mailing and will not land you with a large postage bill.

Incredible Inflatables

For an alternative idea to keep the weight of your mailing down, what about enclosing an inflatable item? This works particularly well for companies wanting to show off their company's fun side. Inflatable beach balls or other sporting goods are always popular, but you could opt for a more unusual novelty items. If your company produces a particular beverage or foodstuff, inflatable versions of these can make quirky and memorable giveaways.

Paper Pop-ups

These are some of the simplest items to include as they can be mailed flat with no special packaging. They are available in a whole host of different shapes, from a simple cube to pop-up diamonds, pyramids or balls. You could even include a pop-up cardboard house! They can be printed with a logo or photo, used to advertise a particular event or even made into a desk calendar. Functional pop-ups such as pen holders or desk tidies are particularly effective as they are useful, guaranteeing them a longer shelf-life on a client's desk. There are also plenty of other printed products you could use as promotional brochures that are both innovative and sufficiently light to be posted. Swatch cards, carry and keep cards or fold-out map-style pamphlets are all excellent ways to impart a lot of information that can be folded away and carried as very small pocket-sized documents.

Promotional items don't need to be large or heavy to make an impact. Small can be very beautiful and just as effective at getting your message across to your target market, in addition to keeping your mailing costs down.


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