Finding The Perfect Corporate Christmas Gifts

26/11/2013 Finding The Perfect Corporate Christmas Gifts

Finding the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gifts

Sending corporate gifts can be an integral part of your company's marketing strategy, helping to raise your profile and attract new business. They are also a great way to foster new and existing business relationships by showing appreciation for those individuals and companies you work alongside. Christmas is a popular time for sending gifts to clients, so start thinking about your perfect presents now.

Make It Special

Although an overly extravagant gift can be misconstrued and potentially make the recipient uncomfortable, sending something too cheap gives entirely the wrong message too. Gifts that advertise your company can be a good idea, providing they are of a decent quality. Bear in mind that almost everyone produces company calendars so they are low on novelty value and impact. A plastic company pen is unlikely to make much of an impression, but if your firm produces high-quality luxury goods these can be a good option. Think about the intended recipient – do they have any hobbies that you know of that could be the basis for a good gift? Do they travel extensively, read lots of books or play a particular sport? If you are sending lots of corporate gifts then it might be easier to choose one item that is likely to appeal to a wide range of people. An attractive notebook is always useful and can be discreetly branded with your company's logo as a subtle reminder of the sender. If you produce technical equipment, what about samples of your latest gadget or accessory? Not only will this make your gift stand out from the crowd, but it can also be a good way to start building up some hype prior to your product launch.

Food for Thought

Wine and chocolates are among the most popular Christmas gifts to send. But although these are nice enough, they are hardly original and suggest that not much time and effort has been spent on finding fabulous presents. Chocolate won't be appreciated by a diabetic and alcohol may not be appropriate for cultural or religious reasons. If you do want to send an edible gift, what about some produce local to your area, such as an interesting cordial or special cheese? Don't forget to consider how your gift will be packaged and how long it might be until it is opened to avoid giving the recipient a very unwelcome surprise.

The right corporate Christmas gift will help you and your company make a good impression on any existing or prospective clients, hopefully ensuring they think favourably of you over the coming year.

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