Festival Feeling

14/11/2013 Festival Feeling

Sponsorship Opportunities to Give You That Festival Feeling

Whether you're a business looking for ways to raise your profile or the organiser of a local event, you will find that festivals, fetes or concerts provide plenty of opportunities for sponsorship. If you want to boost your marketing strategy and attract new customers, branded promotional items such as lanyards or goody bags will help you get your business message out to a wider audience. And for event organisers, sponsors can provide much-needed revenue. So what are some of the options?

Promotional Products

There are lots of items that can be sponsored or branded at festivals. For example, attendees may have to carry passes with them, so lanyards printed with your company name and given to each festival-goer on arrival would be useful. Some festival or concerts give people wristbands to wear so they can come and go freely without having to continually show tickets – these can also be sponsored. If it's a food, craft or Christmas festival where people might be buying lots of things, supplying carrier bags with your logo on could be an option. T-shirts or sweatshirts with a list of the performing bands are always popular at music festivals.

Other Advertising

Organisers of a concert will usually produce a programme which sponsors are welcome to take advertising space in. Think about including a voucher code or money-off coupon along with your text to attract new business. Is there a refreshment tent? Or a seating area? These are both places that you could offer to sponsor in exchange for banners advertising your company. You might even be able to have your firm's logo on advertising for the event itself. Getting your company name on the event posters is one way to attract new customers, but there are lots of other places to advertise. Intimate media, otherwise known as posters in toilets, can be a novel way to get your message across. Virtually everyone who attends an event will need to pay a visit at some point, so you have a unique opportunity to promote your brand. Whether you hang posters by the washbasins or on the back of the cubicle door of a Portaloo, this type of advertising will reach a wide range of people.

There are plenty of ways for potential sponsors to get involved in local events. From giveaways of promotional items to advertising in the event programme, this type of sponsorship can be a valuable addition to any firm's marketing strategy.


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