The Best Techie Giveaways

21/10/2013 The Best Techie Giveaways

The Best Techie Giveaways

When it comes to choosing the perfect promotional items for your company, there are a few issues to consider. Who are you hoping to attract to your company? What kind of items will appeal to them? And what does your chosen item say about your business? To demonstrate your firm's up-to-the-minute credentials, here are some great ideas for gadget giveaways.

Picture This

Virtually everyone enjoys taking photos so any kind of product related to this makes a popular giveaway. Memory cards can be branded with your company name and will always be useful. A successful promotional product is not only appealing but also has some kind of function. This ensures that potential clients will hang on to it, giving them more time to absorb your company message. A storage pouch or wallet for memory cards is also a neat idea. If you're looking for something a little larger, a digital photo frame is a great option and could even feature a small copy of your company logo.

Great Gadgets

Devices associated with computing are among the best options as they are versatile and attractive to such a large target market. USB memory sticks and flash drives are used by almost everyone and make a handy little giveaway. Many people use a laptop at home but the majority of offices still retain desktop computers, so a wireless mouse is a useful little gizmo. You could always pair this with a customised mouse mat to reinforce your message. The prevalence of mobile phones also provides plenty of opportunities for sponsorship. For something really different, emergency phone chargers that can accommodate a variety of different models are a fabulous idea. Another invaluable gadget is the mini SIM back-up system – these would be great to brand with your company details.

Hot Sounds

If you want to attract new clients interested in modern technology, branded headphones are sure to be a success. Stored in a handy plastic case, these would be the perfect tool to reach busy professionals and teenagers alike. MP3 players or miniature voice recorders are both fun and functional. It's even possible to have your company logo on a compilation CD, which makes for a memorable and unusual promotional product.

GThere are some amazing nifty gadgets to choose from that make interesting giveaways. So whether you need small promotional items to give as freebies at an exhibition or larger branded items to present to clients, think outside the box and create a memorable impression

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