Promotional Products to suit the Brand

07/10/2013 Promotional Products to suit the Brand

Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Brand

Promotional items are a key element of any successful marketing strategy as they provide a great opportunity to get your company name known by a wider audience. Additionally, the right product will continue to reinforce your business message long after it has been initially given. So how do you decide which products to choose?

Identify Your Market

Think carefully about the kind of customers that you are trying to appeal to. For example, if your target market is children, then something as simple as a branded balloon is a quick and low-cost way of attracting attention. Using the latest small gadget or a computing accessory such as a branded flash drive is a good way to attract the lucrative techie market. If you are targeting a large sector, then obviously consider your budget carefully to see how your funds can be best spent and ensure you get good value for money.

Pick the Right Product

The best promotional items have several distinct characteristics. Ideally, they should tie in neatly with your business – for example, a branded hairbrush is unlikely to be a particularly good advertisement for a legal firm. Choose something that is distinctive and can be easily identified as relating to your company. Branded items that are useful, such as pens, bags, mugs or notebooks, will help promote your message over a longer period of time as they tend to be kept, either on desks or in handbags. Every time they are used the recipient will receive a gentle reminder of your firm, making sure it stays in their mind as long as possible. The same is true of items that are displayed, such as magnets or wall planners, as they will serve as a permanent advert for your business. Whatever you choose, make sure it is not too large and can be easily transported – this is crucial if you are giving out promotional products at trade shows.

Assess Their Impact

There is no point in blowing your entire marketing budget on vast quantities of promotional products if they are not going to result in productive sales leads. If at all possible, have some samples made up first and see how people respond. Just as you would assess your broader marketing strategy and make changes where appropriate, make sure your promotional items are actually helping your business message to get through.

The right promotional products can support your marketing strategy by introducing new clients to your brand. Choose wisely to maximise their impact and get the most return on your investment.

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