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01/10/2013 Corporate Events

Top Tips for a Successful Corporate Event

There may be times when your business has to arrange and host a special event. This might be an awards ceremony, a gala dinner or even a corporate fundraiser. Although the logistics can initially seem overwhelming, follow these simple steps to make your event go smoothly.

Begin with the Basics

In order to run a large-scale event there are number of important issues that that need to be considered as soon as possible. The first is deciding on a venue. Visit a few to get an accurate comparison of the services and facilities they each offer. Have a clear idea of all your requirements – you may end up having to make some compromises but if there are some aspects that are non-negotiable, you will need to find places that can accommodate these. Once you have your venue, you can set a date and then get to work on your guest list. If you need to advertise your event, look for suitable channels such as specialist publications or relevant social media.

Managing the Logistics

Aside from a venue and guests, there are lots of other things you need to create a successful event. What catering do you require? Can the venue supply this or will you need to find external contractors? Audio-visual equipment such as projector screens will be necessary if you are making a presentation. Will you need to hire extra furniture? Practical issues such as accommodation and parking will need to be addressed. In addition, depending on the type of event you are organising, it may be necessary to organise some entertainment. This could be anything from a band to a comedian, a magician to a professional host – whatever you need you will need to arrange well in advance.

Event Extras

Once you have all the basics in place, you can work on the little details that will really make your event special. Take time to enjoy the fun bits, such as choosing menus and arranging music or decorations. If you company is hosting the event to help raise their profile, look at unusual and interesting promotional items you can give to your guests as a reminder of the evening.

The key to a successful event is to spend plenty of time in thorough preparation and planning. By organising everything from the promotional items to the entertainment well in advance, you can enjoy yourself, knowing everything will run according to plan.


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